Autumn in Manhattan

Could it really be possible to visit The City That Never Sleeps at a slow pace and gain an experience not quite the expected yet unforgettable? Could it really be possible to escape the hustle-and-bustle and spend a weekend of downtime in the streets of Manhattan?

Yes! (especially during the weekdays LOL) If you’re like me who prefers to travel slow and doesn’t mind missing out on (quite a lot) of popular things, then you must know that it doesn’t take much to enjoy any place as long as you’re gaining an enjoyable experience that’s authentically your own.

A similar statement was also mentioned on one of my SF gallery posts: My Favorite Spots to See San Francisco’s Famous Bridge.



I took the trip right at the end of the Summer and I woke up to Fall Solstice ’18 on my first morning in NYC because this gal is too romantic like that (LOL). Fall foliage was just starting and urban greenery was still lush with pops of color from lovely blooms. The weather was just right and you can don your favorite dresses without getting chilly throughout the night. Ice cream shop-hopping after 10pm was totally optional!  



My intention was to enjoy my time in New York at my own pace and to appreciate it no matter what and so I did despite most feedback about it being too crowded and too loud. Those things were inevitable in a bustling city so I accepted them with “new eyes” hence my first (and definitely not my last) New York experience was truly unforgettable. My first time traveling on my own was definitely the cherry on top as I had mixed emotions about it on my first night but woke up feeling ready to conquer the world. 😅



At the end of the day, I often remind myself of my one and only intention: to slow down and reconnect. Instead of feeling tired, I must come home feeling inspired.



I’ll be writing more about my visit (with helpful details such as taking the subway which is based on my silly mishaps) on a future blog post but in the meantime, here are some visual representations of my slow and unforgettable NYC trip.



May this gallery inspire you to travel solo with the intention to take the trip to your own liking regardless of popularity just like my own kind of Manhattan experience: exhilarating yet relaxed (if that even makes sense), slow and connected — embracing my own kind of “New York Moment”. 



Thank you for stopping by. Detailed map to follow — check back in a few! 😊

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