My Favorite Spots to See San Francisco’s Famous Bridge

When Karl the Fog rolls in for a visit, which is usually in the Summer months, the scene becomes quite dramatic, romantic even (though I haven’t had the opportunity to capture this beautiful scene) and at just the right time during clear days, it feels like looking at a piece of Impressionist art.

A decade and counting living in the city, I still very much appreciate the views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The view of the Sunrise is most enjoyable from the Eastern side of the bridge while the Sunset is best viewed from the Western side. The painting-like views would be around 9am-11am from the Eastern side (on a clear day) — expect the sunlit International Orange bridge with the backdrop of the shadowy hills of the Marin Headlands to inspire you.

. . . In the end, he was inspired by the red primer the steel beams had been coated in at the factories back east, and settled on International Orange, which complemented the bridge’s natural surroundings but also helped the structure stand out from the sea and sky. “The effect of International Orange is as highly pleasing as it is unusual in the realm of engineering,” Morrow said. As an added benefit, the color is highly visible in fog. . . . The longest closure in the Golden Gate’s history occurred on December 3, 1983, when winds reached 75 mph; the roadway was shut down for three hours and 27 minutes. But there have been full closures for anniversaries and construction work, and brief closures—on two separate occasions—for visiting dignitaries Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Charles de Gaulle.” — More on this fascinating read from Mental Floss: 20 Awesome Facts About the Golden Gate Bridge 

This gallery post will be a bit different as it will not list specific locations (for the exact views) but I am going to specify (on the map below) the areas/neighborhoods where you can go for a mindful stroll and find signs or trails to see the bridge. 

Take the adventure with a sense of excitement for what views the trek will unravel in front of your own eyes and experience it without being influenced by my captures.

All the spots on this post gave me that exact kind of wonderment the first time I went. As locals, we know mostly where to go and have a better idea of what we would see based on maps but I definitely didn’t want to base it off of other people’s experiences. I was surprised each time by what the trek brought me — the areas I‘ve never been to and views I didn’t know I’d discover — like a tourist in the “sans social media” era before me. It feels more freeing and gratifying to have that sense of adventure that I actually apply this outlook in my own lil travels.

I’ll be specific on the cafes around these areas (found on the map below) for your local pitstop feat. As for the views itself, I think you gain truly beautiful experiences the most when there are no expectations to be had nor influence from others like myself. These captures are simply to express my sincere appreciation for what the views made me feel. I hope to share a tiny bit of these feelings with you, perhaps encourage you to go on adventures in your own authentic way, and gain experiences that are uniquely yours.


Thank you for stopping by! Detailed map to follow — check back in a few! 😊

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