Thank you for stopping by. My name is Erica, the girl behind Emme (ehmee) Hope [dot] co- your digital source for inspiration on all things I have great interest in such as: sharing local spots and flavors of San Francisco, the slow life—at home,  when traveling, and when entertaining/showing visiting friends and fam around the city, and finding creative ways to enjoy small-space living.

I hope to inspire viewers and readers to see inspiration not just in extraordinary experiences but also (and mostly) in the ordinary everyday moments and things.


-from your home sweet home to the hustle and bustle of city life to weekend adventures and all things in between.

Let’s discover inspiration in the ordinary!

💛 Erica


My Mission:

✿ As I share an ordinary day in San Francisco or a weekend showing visiting loved ones around, I hope that in addition to our beautiful, famous spots that helped shape the city—you’d also get inspired to go where locals go and do as locals do. Get to know a bit more of what it’s like to live in this city, spend your time like you’re a local and appreciate what it’s like in an ordinary day, creating special memories—making your own kind of San Francisco experience! Side note if you’re planning to move here: I’ll occasionally share helpful tips as someone who has worked in the rental industry in SF.

📍Batteries to Bluffs Trail

✿ I’ve always had an inclination towards the Slow Life for as long as I can remember—even before learning of its label. This platform gives me the opportunity to share my approach to slow living. Together, let’s continue to adopt a lifestyle where we have less “clutter” and more of what truly matters, less stress/pressure on bucket lists and more joy/gratitude on what we have accomplished, focusing more on the living part of life, being present, and more importantly, living in accordance to what makes living matter.


a bit more about me:

✿ In the Summer of 2008, I left my folks in Chicago to move to San Francisco. In the Winter of 2011, I moved back home to Chicago but then flew right back to San Francisco in the Summer that very same year!

✿ Emme (M.E. “ehmee”) Hope is a play on my THREE first names. Yes, three! I simply wanted it short while incorporating all three.

📍Alamo Square

✿ Living in San Francisco got me to discover my fondness for food of many sorts. Thanks to the highly diverse flavors of the SF food scene, I get inspired to try different types of cuisine and appreciate a bit of their culture.

✿ Love a good cup of latte, cappuccino, or home-brewed Slow Coffee. This city taught me what it means to have a good cup of happiness. I still remember my first good cup of ☕ was in winter of 2011 where I also learned about local/sustainable/ethically-sourced coffee and I became a huge supporter ever since.

✿ In relation to ethical biz practices, last year, I learned of fair-trade and ethical brands but only this past summer ’17 with a minimalist/sustainable approach that I’ve fully decided to put more effort in only getting pieces from such businesses. I’ll gladly share great finds with you!

✿ Working for a small company with various ventures has allowed my admiration of anything creative to grow. Among them are two of my highly favored: some design (in web and home interior) and video editing which I greatly enjoy. Side note: You’ll find some of my passion projects ☞ here .


📍Crissy Field: one of my fave scenic spots by the Golden Gate Bridge.

✿ Looking back, it was definitely a huge learning experience to remember; all the highs and lows of leaving the nest and moving to San Francisco. I think that’s why I will always appreciate this city, especially when taking my visiting friends and fam around, creating lovely memories. With this platform, I get to share that San Francisco experience with you, hoping to inspire you to start your own little adventures in this beloved city or whichever lovely city you may be! 😊