about emmehope.co

We gain beautiful experiences that nurture our well-being when we travel or go on vacation, but time and time again, we also find ourselves thinking, “I need a vacation from my vacation” which is a widely accepted sentiment when traveling.

My aim is to spread the notion of re-evaluating travel goals by liberating ourselves from a self-pressured “perfect experience” mindset and society’s perceptions of what is worthwhile. Whether you’re conventional or unique, in any respect, value is found when our intentions foster genuine inspiration and gratitude for the experience — ordinary or extraordinary — that is based upon our own sincerest form of appreciation towards our travel experiences.


My name is Erica, the girl behind Emme (“ehmee”) Hope [dot] co, I hope to inspire you to see inspiration not just in extraordinary experiences but also discover inspiration in the ordinary — giving ourselves every bit of opportunity to be truly present.

For even the ordinary may be formed by bits and pieces of inspiration encapsulated in the littlest, unnoticeable things that surround us.

Life itself deserves the same outlook. Welcome imperfections and authenticity, living intentionally and with gratitude — ultimately embracing our own kind of bliss that flourishes a positive well-being.

~ Thank you so much for stopping by!  💛


2 Cor. 4